About the Institute

The Institute for the Study of Culture and Christianity was established in 2012 at the initiative of the Christian Cultural Center from Belgrade. The decision to establish the Institute was made in order to advance particular fields of the Center’s activities, primarily in the fields of research and education, following that way the vision of late Professor and Father Radovan Bigović. As a sign of continuity of activities and ideas, the former vice president of the Christian Cultural Center, Dr. Davor Džalto, took the office of the president of the newly established Institute.

The Institute promotes dialogue between Christianity and various aspects of contemporary culture and society. The Institute affirms values of creativity, critical thinking, inter-cultural, inter-religious and ecumenical dialogue, academic vigor, new insights, based on free research and independent thinking. The Institute also affirms accessible education and freedom of knowledge.

To achieve its aims, the Institute organizes seminars, researches, lectures, conferences, trainings and workshops. The Institute also organizes exhibitions and publishes books, conference proceedings and other materials relevant to its mission. The Institute realizes its programs based on individual donations and financial support from governmental and non-governmental foundations.

For the purposes of realization of its aims, the Institute cooperates with other organizations.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Davor Džalto
 Danijela Markovic_mDanijela Marković, theologian
Chairwoman of the Executive Board
 vukasinFr. Vukašin Milićević, theologian
 Neno DordjevicNenad Đorđević, manager
Honorary Member of the Executive Board
Head of the Chicago office
 Bojana Bursać, art historian, cultural manager
Member of the Executive Board
 Aleksandar Šibul, psychologist
Member of the Executive Board